The Slow Road Back

Day 217 – Thursday 27th December.

I have slowly started  working on getting back into some sort of routine with regards to exercise. The second half of the year has proved nothing more than problematic for getting regularly to the gym. Unfortunately I have no one to really blame for this but myself. I am going to stop short of declaring that I will be back into a full training regime immediately…I just worry that I might fall short of this goal. I do, however know that I by slowly plugging away at things that I will get there.

I realise as I write this that the road back is going to be a long and difficult one, I currently weigh 84kg (the heaviest I have been for years). I have started looking towards next yeart and the goals I want to set myself to help inspire me to train, I believe that this is an important key to life in general – set yourself goals to help you strive for success and to become more than you are at the present.

The past week has seen me do three sessions at the gym, the first one a cross training cardio session with the next two being weights sessions. Whilst it might not seem like a lot of time it is a lot more than I have been doing over the past few months.

My cardio session was quite good, I didn’t push myself too hard with it as it was the first one back, I managed to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill before completing a 10 minute row and a 20 minute ride. I didn’t set any PBs with this session but did feel good at it’s completion.

It's a long way back to fitness after such a long break.

It’s a long way back to fitness after such a long break.

I completed my first weights session for a number of months on the 24th of December. I did my usual routine with a little less weight. I managed to get out three sets of tweleve reps on 60kg for the bench press. This was followed by using a combination of 17.5kg, 15kg and 7.5kg for the rest of my training program.

Both Christmas Day and Boxing Day I suffered from my first weights session, however come this morning I was back in the gym for my next weights session. I tried to start off with a bench press on 60 kg but couldn’t complete it with my chest still being quite sore. I moved the weight back to 50kg and still struggled to manage three sets of eight repetitions. At the completion of this I moved on and completed the rest of my routine, with being sore I dropped the weights used to be a combination of 15kg and 7.5kg dumb-bells. The day really did turn into an opportunity to try and stretch out some of my soreness.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a running day, I am hoping to have an early night tonight (probably around 10:30pm) as I will need to be up at 5:00am. Perth is currently in a heat wave and the temperature will be up over 40 degrees tomorrow, if I don’t start early my run just won’t happen. I am glad that I won’t be in the gym tomorrow as I injured myself whilst playing goal keeper in a friendly game of soccer this afternoon (I jarred my right thumb).

I am really excited about the challenge before me, it’s going to take a lot of dedication to get back into shape. Give me six weeks of training and I think (hope) that I will be right on the way to being back on top of it all.

Hitting the Weights

Day 115 – Tuesday 18th September 2012.

I must admit that I have been quite slack over the past few weeks in keeping up with posting my results from my Fitness Training 2012 regularly (the last post being back on the 9th of September). Although things have not been ideal and I have missed days (and at times whole weeks such as from the 28th August – 9th of September) I can say that this past week my training has been rather consistent at an average of three sessions per week. My biggest dilemma at the moment seems to be finding the opportunity to blog on my progress due to the ridiculous number of university assignments I have had due and still have due in the next two weeks, i am just grateful that I have stayed on top of the University workload otherwise I’d be in all sorts of trouble by now.

This morning I made the intentional effort to be up extra early to ensure that I would be ready for the gym. I was disappointed yesterday when I slept through my alarm and didn’t get to the cardio-vascular session, I really feel with the new indoor season a matter of weeks away that I can’t afford to be missing too many sessions if I want to ensure that I am fit. I did do my first weights session for a long time today, easing back into the routine all my weights were dropped significantly from what I have previously done managing only 55kg on  the barbell for my bench press and using only 10kg and 15 kg dumb-bells for the remainder of my workout. I could have pushed myself and gone quite a bit heavier but as I have had such a long break I want to ease into it to try and reduce the amount of tightness and soreness I will experience over the next few days. I also hope that doing it this way will allow me to really focus on my technique and isolate my muscle groups being worked to ensure that I get the most out of the exercises.

To be honest, I am feeling quite good at the moment as I write this post, hopefully this feeling continues throughout the course of the day and into tomorrow when I get up to do my next cardio-vascular workout.

I am aware that I will need to be mindful of my workload over the next week and a half, I have 5 assignments due in over this time. I am feeling pretty good and confident about getting everything completed well and on time, I just know it’ll be a push as well. Fingers crossed that my dedication to training will put me in good stead to be focused during those times of university study and focus.

Juggling Many Balls

Day 73 – Tuesday 7th August 2012.

Some days I get up and feel like I am trying to juggle too many balls at the one time, ok in all honesty there’s many days that I feel like that but it is one of the things that keeps my life full and interesting at the moment. A lot of people would probably think that I am crazy and a sucker for punishment but I really do believe that the most growth only comes through being willing to go through the hardship of testing and being stretched in ones capacity – the more you are willing to be stretched then the greater the growth in the long run. A good friend of mine said something to me a couple of months ago as I sat with me having coffee whilst overlooking the beach up in Hillaries that has really resonated with me. I was sharing about how a lot of people have commented on me being mad trying to do so many things this year and his response was;

“Don’t worry about that because they are wrong, everything you are doing this year is a part of your personal story and journey, the testament of your life and it says a lot about your character and desire to grow and be disciplined in everything you do. Anyone who tells you otherwise really isn’t worth listening to as you have been created to be exceptional and are exceptional so don’t let the ordinary pull you down to their level. Be the 1% of the 1% of people who are truly exceptional in their life.”

These words continue to resonate and encourage me as I continue through this year and manage to find ways to keep all the balls not just in the air but well balanced, althoug there are moments.

This morning’s session was a great weights session. I was at the gym before 6:00am although it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning as I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I had no reason to be so late with my bedtime apart from the reading of a good book at the moment and enjoying taking a little time to unwind after a hectic day of uni lectures and tutorials, teaching and then 6 hours of study and assignment work. I am not setting any PBs still at this point in time although I am continued to feel encouraged with the increase in the number of repetitions I am managing and shortening of time I need to recover from my sessions.

Today I will get the chance to do some additional university work as soon as I finish this  post, my biggest lesson I have learnt this year is to stay disciplined in the work that I do and keeping to task. If I take liberties of not applying myself then very quickly I am sure that I will fall behind and then I will be in serious trouble. Some people comment on me being lucky that I am disciplined and well organised in my life and approach to everything. I always laugh at this to myself, discipline and organisation I don’t believe are traits that come naturally to anyone, they are skills that are learnt through regularly committing yourself to the tasks that need to be accomplished. Anyone can be organised, it just takes the decision to start and taking it one day at a time allowing yourself the leeway that at times you will fall short but in the long run you will improve and develop the skill.

As my dad would always say;

“Give a busy man a job and you know it will get done.”

I aspire to be that sort of man who can be relied upon to accomplish tasks and never use the excuse of being busy.

A Week into the Fresh Start

Day Fifty Two – Tuesday 17th July.

A week and one day on from my starting again I have managed to achieve my goal of being consistent with my training times and discipline to doing the sessions. If I am being really honest I have found it very difficult to get up so early in the middle of winter to do my sessions, however, I know the rewards I will see in two months times will makes it all worthwhile. Since my last entry I have completed a weights session last Tuesday, Friday and this morning and cardio sessions on Thursday and Monday (yesterday). Already I have noticed a difference cardio wise when it comes to my indoor soccer, I found that last Wednesday I did have a lot more energy in our semi-final victory. I am hoping that come tomorrow night that trend is the same and I have a decent amount of energy for the Grand Final, BXVI’s last game until October as we are in the middle of changing venues for a bit of a change.

My weights sessions have proved challenging, especially in the days following them with my whole body protesting at lifting weights that  was doing easily before my break (this is a bit embarrassing). I do know that I have had a long lay off so am not expecting miraculous lifts at this time. I am managing to press 60kg straight away and use the 17.5 and 20kg dumb-bells for most of my activities. I will stay with this weight over the next few weeks to get my body back into routine.

One of the biggest things I will need to address is my food / dietary intakes. I will need to head off and get myself some more creatine as I am all out, and start taking my protein shakes again (I have them sitting at home it’s just a matter of getting into the habit of two to three times a day. Last year I tried out some hyrodoxy cut as well – I might get get back onto a program of that in a little while but really I am keen to just take it all slowly as I do have a decent amount of time to get myself back into shape before the recommencement of indoor soccer and then the Summer Holidays after this.

I am no sure when my next post will be, I think trying to do one a week is a much more realistic approach especially when the university and school terms start from next week.

Here’s to the coming week and the exciting adventures ahead!

Getting Back into a Routine.

Day Forty Three – Thursday 3rd May.

It has been over two months since doing my last post, I would like to be able to say that it was just because I have been too busy and that I had been keeping to my fitness training six days a week, however this would be telling a lie. I have been finding it difficult to commit to my training sessions on a regular basis just because of overall tiredness levels, between the rigours of Uni and assignments, teaching full time as a tutor and band director, gigging and doing my best to be a good husband I just got to the point of exhaustion.

Since last Monday I have been making an effort to try and get back into some sort of routine, I really do want to get some regularity back into the gym sessions and get myself fit and in shape to a degree that I would be happy with. The past two weeks have had some success with me managing to train on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week and Thursday (today) this week. They say it takes up to three weeks to form a good habit so there’s still a long way to go, but I think I am up to it or at least give it a good shot.

I have started back on the weights sessions rather than just doing cardio and my goodness how it has hurt me. With sessions on Tuesday and Thursday last week and today on the Thursday my body is slowly getting back into the strains of resistance training, although it probably will still take a few weeks before my body is not in pain and stiffness for days after the session. I have been doing nothing too hard and strenuous and have lost about 15 kg off what I was comfortably lifting back at the beginning of November, this doesn’t overly bother me as I have always found that it is easier to get back to where you have been previously at a faster rate…you just have to take some time for the first few weeks getting everything back on track and all the muscles moving together properly.

I am going to do my best to try and start posting again every day on my progress and journey. I am not sure how realistic it is, especially with how hectic life is going to be over the next couple of weeks. I have worked it out that most nights I have a gig or a rehearsal and then there is a major assingnment due in at University by the end of next week which really needs to be done by the end of the weekend.

Fingers crossed everything all works out!


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