Taking Some Wise Advice

Day 25 – Friday 25ht January 2013.

One of the lessons in life I learnt a long time ago is to always listen to the advice people more experienced than you in a field of life. I am not saying that you necessarily have to always do exactly what they say, rather that in listening you can then make an informed decision on what is the right decision and line of action for one self to then take. This morning’s run was definitely one of these moments.

Yesterday I felt great after my run, there was no fatigue or heaviness in my legs and I thought to myself that today I would be able to go out there ad repeat the exact same things, maybe even push it a little harder. Then last night I was playing my social game of soccer and afterwards I talking to a good friend of mine who is right into long distance running and he said in passing that maybe I should look at alternating between harder days and easier days to try and build up the endurance in my legs. I thought about it but didn’t think that I’d need to worry about it overly because I was feeling really good.

Last night at about 9:00pm I was overcome by a wave of fatigue, it was like my whole body all of a sudden crashed. Whilst I didn’t want to go bed early as there’s still a lot to get done my wife managed to get me to listen to her and have a good night sleep.

I got up this morning and found that my legs felt really heavy and tired, the fatigue from the run yesterday had set in. I was still keen to do a run though and it made me think back to what my mate had told me to maybe alternate days. I decided that today would be a shorter run, only 4km in length rather than the 7.5km of yesterday.

I arrived at the car park approximately 250m away from Lake Monger just before 9:0am and began my run. I felt tired, lethargic and heavy throughout all my legs, it was going to be a slow single lap of the lake today. Within 200m I had a middle age woman pass me in running, it was a humbling experience but I kept my concentration on loosening up my legs and getting some movement back into them rather than trying to catch her.

Day 25

By the 500m mark my legs were starting to feel a bit better so I slowly started increasing my pace, by the 1km mark I could see the lady who had passed me. My mission became simple, to pass her before the lap finished. I continued to increase my pace and incredibly by the next marker (1.5km into the run) I caught her and passed her. My focus now turned to the other runners and walkers around me and setting myself goals and targets to try and motivate me to keep pushing this lap. Then my shoelace can undone!

It might seem like an insignificant thing but yet again as I stopped to tie my shoelace I found I lost all of my rhythm and momentum. It was difficult getting started up again, I found my legs felt heavier than before and I was coming up to the 2.5km marker by this stage. I tried pushing myself and managed to raise the intensity a little, it was important to me to try and finish well. I headed around the corner and up onto the footbridge, this part really hurt with my legs burning and feeling like lead weights but still I managed to keep pushing through.

I arrived back at my car as the clock ticked over to 9:22am. I managed to complete the 4km run in 22min which is not a bad effort with that being an average of doing each kilometre in 5 min and 30 seconds.

If I am keeping to a training regime tomorrow should be a slightly longer run. Now it’s time to get myself rehydrated and full of food to replace the energy I have lost over the course of the run.

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