The Continuing Struggle

My fitness goals for the year are continuing to be an every day battle and struggle for me throughout this first part of 2017. For the first time in my life I honestly feel like I might have set the bar too high, just the consistency in energy for getting out of bed in the morning to exercise is just not there.

I started this term inspired by an article I read about people around my age who regardless of life circumstance always got out of bed and invested in themselves through regular exercise. This is what I always used to be able to do…but this year it just hasn’t happened frequently enough. I am hoping now that the College Production is all done I can try and get back into the routine come Monday of next week…hoping that in writing this it will prove as motivation for me to commit to the necessary fatigue I’ll feel as my body adjusts to less sleep and the being able to get out of bed when it is still dark (5:15am is my needed time).

My frustrations go beyond the exercise though. I had become quite disciplined at what I ate up until this last year. There’s currently a lot more snacking of unhealthy foods happening. I decided to use Lent as a time to reset my clock, this worked really well and I felt great. Unfortunately, already I find myself slipping back into those old habits of snacking on unhealthy foods, largely because they are there and I’m not making healthier options available.

Again, I am hoping that in writing this I’ll be able to turn things around. I need to for my own sake and also to ensure that my body is looked after for the long haul so that I can enjoy life for many years with my family and friends.

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