The Pimps of Sound Wednesday 13th July 2011

Gig Details:

Band : The Pimps of Sound

Date : Wednesday 13th July 2011

Time : 8:30pm

Venue : The Ellington Jazz Club

On Wednesday the 13th of July the Pimps of Sound performed their debut live performance at the Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Western Australia, to support the EP launch of Nicole Reid.

The Pimps of Sound, a live drum and bass band, has been the combined project and passion of Zen Fusion (drums) and Rob Ferrari (bass) for many years although it had taken until this opportunity to really start to give this project some substance. The concept has been for a band consisting of electronic drums (and samples triggered from the kit) to combined with a live bass player, using effects, and also a live vocalist / mc and solo instrument.

For the debut performance Zen and Rob approached me, Simon Montgomery, to play saxophone and MC Aysha Amani to provide the vocals and MCing over half an hour of both original and covered drum and bass music. My role as the saxophonist was to provide counter melody lines to MC Armani as well as develop melodic motifs inbetween the MCing over the various grooves and samples setup by Zen and Rob.

After some technical difficulties in rehearsals and at the sound check we took the stage not knowing fully how the concept of the band would be received as the drum and bass scene locally is not well known and as far as we knew it would be the first time that this sort of band would be attempted at the Ellington Jazz Club. The entire set, to our relief, ran smoothly and all feed back from the set was extremely positive.

For me personally I found this project a very interesting and quite challenging one. As a saxophone player i have not spent a lot of time working with effects pedals, for this show I was using delays, harmonisers and various kinds of distortion to add interest to my solos and also to fill out the overall song sound.

A huge thanks to MC Armani, it was a delight for me to meet her I will look forward to some interesting future collaborations with various other projects away from The Pimps of Sound. Thanks also must go to Zen Fusion and Rob Ferrari for the concept of a live drum and bass band, I will look forward to how they continue to develop this project as there is a definite market for it here in Perth and also on the festival scene.

Finally a thanks to Nicole Reid for allowing The Pimps of Sound to support her at the EP launch and to all the staff at the Ellington Jazz Club, every time I have performed there I leave having thoroughly enjoyed myself. It truly is one of, if not the, premiere small venue to perform at in Perth.

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