Time to Tweak the Program

Day Fifty Eight – Monday 23rd July.

 I feel that today’s session is probably the best cardio session I have done so far since picking up the Training 2012 Program again. I am now into my third week of training consistently and feeling a lot stronger and fitter already, I will be honest though there is a LONG way to go before I get back anywhere close to where I was at the end of last year. I am still considerably over the target weight that I want to hit of around the 78kg with me weighing in it 83kg at the moment. I down at the 78 last year however I was carrying more muscle and less fat than what I am currently so there is quite a bit of ground to try and makeup before I will come close to be satisfied.

This week is the first week that our indoor soccer team goes into having a break until October as we are changing venues. This means I need to also change my training regime as it is one less outing of exercise throughout the week scheduled in. To combat this I will move to doing a five day training cycle this week and for the next few months which will consist of Cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Weights on Tuesday and Thursday. Looking at my schedule for this semester I should be able to manage this without too much pain, although the early morning starts come week 4 and 5 of the school / university term will prove the most taxing I’d imagine. The end goal of being fit and ready for October will hopefully keep me motivated and beyond this being in the best shape I can possibly be in for the coming summer. I still would like to think about doing some more running and work towards some long distance work, but as previously stated that’ll be for next year and the next few to come.

Today’s session I did at 1:00pm in the afternoon. I am on holidays until Wednesday and figure that I might as well take advantage of being able to train in the middle of the day for the next two days before the 6:00am arrive at the gym needs to kick back in on Wednesday morning. All elements went well today, I rode further (8.2km in 15 minutes) than I have for a while, rowed stronger (31 strokes per minute and a 500m split of 2 minutes which was held for 5 minutes) and ran faster (up to 11km /h) than I have since recommencing. I suppose the challenge will be to build upon this throughout the course of this week.

Tomorrow I am back on the weights and I still haven’t gotten myself anymore supplements…this is something that I will need to do tomorrow as once school is back it’ll all get a little more challenging to get to the store. Looking forward to continuing to build on the good form setup and to my final sleep-in midweek until the October school holidays.

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