Trumpet Challenge Week 17

The trumpet challenge has taken a few hits over the past month, hence why there have not been consistent posts.

School has been frantic, there have been many events over the last four weeks of school, especially in the last two weeks of the term which has eaten up a lot of additional time. On top of this there have been additional meetings I have needed to attend, reports to write, marking to complete and job interview panels that I have had to sit on.

Away from school has been just as frantic, trying to spend time with my beautiful family (which I fail at so often), private teaching and being there to help my extended family. I have also been working hard to complete all of the assignments needed for my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (which I finally did yesterday).

I will be clear on one point, I have been playing my trumpet at least once a week, that usually has been occurring in the Intermediate Concert Band rehearsals. My personal practice has been terrible, only limited to Saturdays, and that is only if I am lucky. I currently can’t find my book, that will have to change over the next few days.

I am no closer to finding a good video player for my video evidence, this is very frustrating for me as I am keen to be able to upload all my videos to demonstrate the improvement.

As always I am open to suggestions as to the best way to achieve this goal.

I am hoping as this next term starts that I might find a little more routine and regularity in all my practice endeavours. I am hopeful but know that it will be a difficult challenge to keep up consistently.

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