Trumpet Challenge Week 20

Trumpet Challenge Week 20 – The Continual Disappointment.

We’re now nearly half way through the challenge and I am really finding it difficult to regularly practice. I had hoped at the beginning of the year that as I got into the challenge things would get easier, that I’d find a good routine and then be able to stick at it…


Since my last post I have only picked up my trumpet probably only three times, each one at the Intermediate Band rehearsals. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s more that there’s been so many other things that I have just had to get done as a part of my everyday job…I’m barely getting any time to play my saxophone, let along the trumpet.

We’re now in Term Three, the performance term, loaded with performance after performance. The term has started out in this manner and probably won’t ease up until the end of it, actually more like half way through next term. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining as it’s why I do what I do – giving students the opportunity to perform is why I teach music, and I love that. It just means that I haven’t had much time for my own practise and development musically.

I did have to have a couple of weeks of intensive piano practise to get my accompaniment skills back up to scratch before a big Music Eisteddfod. I was accompanying a number of younger students and really wanted to get the parts right to help them as best I could, especially as for some of them it was their first public solo performance.

Hopefully in this next week everything will get into a better routine, that would mean maybe a chance to practise twice to three times a week (which would be awesome). Here’s to a better few weeks to come…on that note I’d better go and try to find my book, it’s still missing!!!

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