Trumpet Challenge Week 22

Trumpet Challenge Week 22 – Boy, My Lips Are Tired!

I have just finished the first actual “practice” of my trumpet for about two and a half months. I know, it’s absolutely shocking with the lack of commitment I have shown!

It has been a significant challenge for me to try and commit to regular practice, as mentioned in previous posts, due to a number of factors including school commitments (Term Three is always a challenge with performances), completing the assignments for my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (just waiting for my results now), job applications for promotional positions at school, every week lesson planning and marking and (the worst reason of all) the loss of my trumpet book.

The good news is that a lot of these commitment are now completed, meaning a lot of my objections should be removed now. Whilst I still have a number of performance commitments at school in the second half of the term, I don’t have job applications, my Cert. IV assignments, as much lesson planning and, most importantly of all, I have managed to find my trumpet book!!!

Today’s practice went a lot better than I had expected to, the quality was good, duration not as magnificent. I am still managing to comfortably play with reasonable accuracy all of my notes up to the “C” in the third space. The “D” on the fourth line is still breaking on a number of occasions and will need a lot more work get accurate, but today’s practice was never going to be about this. After warmups I have managed to revise the music from pages 17 – 24 comfortably without many issues of pitching, breaking notes or intonation. The biggest problem was muscle fatigue as the practice continued, playing brass instruments really does use the lip muscles in a different way to playing reed instruments!

Now that I have found my book, I am hoping for a greater consistency in practice throughout this week. The book won’t get lost again as it will live in my trumpet case. I am thinking a might try to get some of the easier jazz band parts from school for both the Senior and Middle School Big Bands, some additional practice material will come in handy as I continue to revise the concepts learnt in the first Accent on Achievement. Hopefully by next week (or the week after at the vey latest) I will be ready to move onto Book Number 2.

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