Trumpet Challenge Week 24

Trumpet Challenge Saturday, Week 24 – A Different Posture.

Today’s practice was short in its length but excellent in its overall quality. It’s funny how even just one additional practice in the week (Monday) helped me see greater gains than the once a week.

I decided to try something different in today’s practice regarding my posture, standing rather than sitting. Up until this point I have always sat down when practicing, no reason in particular just because that has been my preference. I thought it would be interesting to see if the standing position would effect my tone, pitching and accuracy of notes…it definitely did, a lot less notes were broken throughout the entire session.


I continued with my standard warmup regime of lip slurs. Starting on my Middle C, slurred up to the next position (G) and back down, each note held for a minim on 72 BPM. The slurs from C, C#, D, D#, E and F were all rather comfortable. A found a lot more air was needed for the next set of notes (F#, G, G#, A, Bb, B and C) however, it was still possible with only a little bit of not breaking. I continued my warmup with a C Major scale (one octave) and C Major arpeggio. I might look at including my F and G Major scales in the coming week.

Repertoire – Accent on Achievement.

My revision of the first book of Accent on Achievement continued today through the revision of pages starting with “Easy Does It”. This piece had me focus on my C in the third space and lip slurring to the G. It became evident in this song and latter ones in the practice that I need continue to work on my downward slurs in different positions, such as from the Low D to the Low C.

This technical problem continued with the songs “New World Symphony”, “Song of the Volga Boatmen” and “Liza Jane”. I have slightly changed my video recordings to give a little more speaking into the areas of the songs I am having difficulty with and the things that I feel I need to work on technique wise. This is to assist me as I review the recordings to reflect on the areas of growth I need to focus on, highlighting areas that some of the students I have in bands might also be experiencing.

Unfortunately, my session was cut short due to the arrival of my next student…I guess that’s always the joys of the Music Teacher, you always have to cram in your own Professional Development in-between lessons to encourage and inspire others!

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