Trumpet Challenge Week 25

Trumpet Challenge Saturday Week 25 – Picking up the Pace.

Today’s practice was a really satisfying experience with every element seeming to come together significantly better than the same time last week. I feel that this can be contributed to having managed three sessions on the trumpet throughout the week, it really makes a difference in regards to tone, intonation, pitching notes without breaking and overall endurance!

I kept to my recent practice regime of warmups and working on the revision of Accent on Achievement, Book 1 for Trumpet. I am also trying to stay disciplined with my reflection on progress and more detailed blog posts to be of assistance to myself in highlighting areas still needing attention as well as to anyone else following along who is learning the trumpet at home.

Warmup Routine.

My sessions commenced with the same warmups that I gave been undertaking over the past few months including lip slurs (starting from open Middle C to the next position up) and then long notes in the higher register. My ability to slur between positions is slowly getting better, I need to continue to work on increasing the air speed and controlling the embouchure to get a greater accuracy in my pitching.

The long notes have continued to improve in the upper register. I worked on these in keeping the same position but tonguing to the next note up. My lips started to struggle with the C#, D, Eb and E (up to top space in the staff). I tried to apply the concept I learnt in a French Horn Masterclass that I recently attended in trying to prepare my embouchure for the higher ranged phrases to get greater clarity and accuracy in the tone, intonation and pitching of the notes. Some additional work will be needed on this.

My warm ups finished with some scale work, today I managed to play my C, F, G, D and Bb Major Scales and Arpeggios, all one octave. I will continue to work on improving my ability to accurately pitch each of the notes.

Accent on Achievement.

I continued with revising the concepts from the first Accent on Achievement book for Trumpet. I started at the same piece that I have all week, “Easy Does It”, my reasoning is to simulate the experience of a beginner who would play the same pieces over the course of a week. This has worked well, very quickly I managed to play through all the pieces on the first page without many errors, my muscle memory for embouchure position has significantly improved.

I managed to spend more time working on latter pages, focusing particularly on my high D (D on the 4th line). My lips were quite fatigued by this stage of the practice, largely due to the saxophone teaching I had already done previously. I think that it is time for my practices to move further into the book, starting later, so that I can continue to develop and improve on the latter concepts.

I feel that a greater amount of time will be needed in preparation for my high notes. The positioning of the instrument on my lips, especially after rests, needs to be a lot earlier to ensure that I use a consistent embouchure every time.

I feel that this week I might be able to get towards the end of the book, the final song being “American Patrol”. This means that I will need to start considering buying the next Accent on Achievement book as well as find a trumpet tunes book. I will liaise with the teachers at school to get advice into which repertoire books would be beneficial for a beginner student to be using.

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