Trumpet Challenge Week 5.4

I have managed to keep to my daily practice regime for another day of these holidays, I am definitely stoked about that.

Today’s focus really has been on my ability to correctly pitch notes played in the same position, such as the C, G, C with no valves down. I am continuing to find that moving from my low C to high C (4th space) a challenge, especially when it occurs towards the end of a piece due to muscle fatigue. My intention today with the warmup exercises was to practise these leaps as long notes, do some arpeggios and various scale pattern (1 – 5 of C, D, E and F Major Scales ascending and descending before a Perfect interval jump from the tonic to the dominant). While doing this I tried to focus on both my embouchure and controlling the air flow. I have also been conscious of note applying too much pressure to my lips with the trumpet (this is a problem that many beginner players experience).

The repertoire went quite well today, I am continuing to see improvement in my pitching, especially in the lower register. There are times that I am not preparing at the beginning of the song, this results in me not effectively pitching or even getting  pleasant sound out of my trumpet.

In the coming weeks I’m going to start to look into some videos and blogs to see if there’s some advice I can try to apply to my practice to help improve the range and quality of tone.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, I want to try to get in my practice but there will be a number of church commitments so it might not happen.

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