Trumpet Challenge Week 6

Today marked the beginning of Week 6 of my Trumpet Challenge. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to¬†get some practise in yesterday. The combination of Good Friday and little ones not feeling too well made it not possible to get away and spend the half an hour needed on the horn.

I was interested to see what effect the missed day was going to have on my playing (if any noticeable effect at all).

I decided to continue with the same warmup routine that I used during my last session, my focus still needed to be on improving the quality of my tone, the accuracy if pitching and ability to pitch higher notes towards the end of phrases.

The repertoire continues to develop, I am noticing an improvement in my ability to play the set pieces as I work through Accent on Achievement. I might spend a little time in the coming week going back and playing through songs earlier in the book in an attempt to see how much I have improved.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I won’t be practising. I am looking forward to Monday and, hopefully, continuing this recent good form of practice.

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