Trumpet Challenge Week 7

The start of Week 7 has seen me see quite considerable improvement in my playing over the course of Week 6’s practice regime.

I didn’t get to do any practice yesterday (the end of the Week 6 cycle) due to a number of circumstances out of control. I was interested to see what the effect would be on my playing…would I be able to still hit the D on the fourth line easily or would the day off have a significant negative effect?

I started my practice in the same way that I have been in recent times with a number of warm up exercises, focusing particularly on being able to accurately pitch notes played in the same position and being able to play up at the top of the range later in my breath when my lips are fatigued.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this went after a day off. In fact, the whole practice was quite a productive one. This does raise an interesting point that I think a lot of beginner students fall into after a while, complacency. I have had a few good weeks of practice, built up a store of muscle memory habits, this has meant that missing one day hasn’t had too much of a negative effect. However, if this became two days then I know that the effect would be greater felt, three even more so. The dangerous path that leads is that then a student cannot do the things that they used to be able, this means it has to be relearnt before they can progress which leads to frustration and desire not to practice. This not practicing leads to more frustration and eventually it ends with a student quitting. How much better it is when a student doesn’t develop those bad habits of missing days int he first place! I had better make sure that I don’t fall into the same trap as the school term commences and my time becomes a lot more limited!

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