Trumpet Challenge Week 9

Well it’s been another challenging week for consistent practice. The College Musical is in full swing and between this, teaching and wanting to see my family a little there has been limited time for everything else!

A positive note is that I got to play my trumpet once this week, boy oh boy was it average! Two weeks off has a significant impact on ones playing the trumpet both in terms of pitching, tone and endurance. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find my trumpet book that I was using so it meant a lot of warmup exercises to try and build up my chops again.

I also had a great conversation with one of the trumpeters performing in the production, trying to get some tips on improving my playing and range. He has suggested looking at doing lip slurs over my known range. This means playing a note and changing the tension of my embouchure to play a different note in the same position, the trick is to do it without tonging (slurring) and making it not break. This is a challenge I can’t to get into my routine.

Look out here I come!

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