USA Tour 2015 Day 1 – Travelling from Home to Chicago

Day One – 3rd April 2015.

A Day of Travel.

Today marked the beginning of the combined music tour to the USA that I am lucky enough to be one of the staff accompanying the ensembles. Out day started at 3:00am when staff and students met at Perth Domestic Airport for our first flight to Sydney before taking connecting flights to Fortworth, Dallas and our eventual destination of Chicago.

I have been lucky enough to a substantial amount of travel over the years, however, nothing could prepare me for the length of trip from Sydney to Dallas, clocking in at just over 16 hours it is the longest continuous flight possible in the world. It makes you appreciate the size of the world having to sit in the same position for such a long period of time. Luckily I did manage to get about four hours sleep on the plane which put me in good stead for the rest of the day.

Arriving at Fortworth International Airport was my first experience of the United States, unfortunately due to connecting flights there was not enough time to head out of the airport. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to go back to Texas sometime in the future and get to experience the fullness of a Texan lifestyle.

We arrived in Chicago and after some disruption with some delayed baggage headed to the hotel we were staying at. A number of our students were quite hungry so after checking them into their rooms we organised to take the boys who were not too tired out to experience a local American food hall nearby Portillo’s. I decided on trying the American Ribs that were there, I really enjoyed them – a great start to my American experience.

It’s been a long (around 30 hours) journey to get here but it’s all very exciting. I’m looking forward to the continued experience we’ll all have over the coming two weeks we’re away.

The tour itinerary is quite full, I am hoping to be able to keep a running diary every day on what I have experienced and gotten up to. Tomorrow we will be heading off for band workshops in the morning before a guided tour of Chicago in the afternoon, dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and an evening at the Chicago Symphony.


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