USA Tour 2015 Day 6 – Smithsonian; Space, Rockets, Aeroplanes, American History and Performances

Day 6 – Wednesday 8th April 2015

The sixth day of our tour of the USA has been nothing short of amazing!!! We spent the majority of the day inside the Smithsonian Museum precinct, the amount of history present is truly mind blowing and indescribable. Before going into too many details about the Smithsonian I’ll start my day at the beginning.

My alarm went off at 7:00am and I was shattered. I didn’t have a good night sleep last night for some unknown reason, this meant that I felt extra tired come the morning. I managed to pull myself out of bed and got ready fro breakfast. Breakfast was delicious, a buffet style affair, I think that I will definitely have to work extra hard in the gym as despite my best efforts I know that I have pit on weight so far.

After breakfast we boarded our buses for transportation to the Smithsonian Precinct, Our students needed to take all of their performance gear with them as we would be going straight to Thomas Jefferson high school after the sightseeing to ensure we arrived on time.

Nothing can prepare you for the size of the museums present in the Smithsonian, amazingly every thing is FREE. It is one of the things that the Americans do really well, provide learning opportunities for the people buy recognising that music is an art to be charred with all and not hoarded by the few.

My day at the Smithsonian started at the museum for Space and Aeronatical Musuem. The exhibits and collection here was simply stunning. You could stand next to the command module fro Apollo 11, a V2 rocket and a part of Skylab. There were also exhibits related to WW1 and WW2 including full scale planes and fighters (the Red Barron example plane). Other famous planes housed there include the Spirit of St Louis, a German V2 missile and a a part of skylab. It was all really cool.

I headed over to the American History Museum next. This museum is the one that I wanted to go to first but unfortunately couldn’t. Whilst in this building I got to see dizzy’s trumpet, a grammy award, a model T-Ford. There was also an example of a Revolution war ship in the Philadelphia present int he gallery to have a conversation with other people. The biggest disappointment for me today was not getting to see more, there were rooms sing he American History Museum. time was so packed that I didn’t get to do the war history section. I did get to see a copy of the declaration, a lot of information on the Presidency, American television, music and film influences including Dorothy’s red shoes form the wizard of Oz. I then managed to rush down to the lower level to the car section where we will be admiring a number of car groups including the Model T Ford.

After the Smithsonian we headed out to the school, Thomas A Jefferson for a performance opportunity. I was really proud of our students, their behaviour was great on and off the court.

Tomorrow is another travel day, we leave early for DC. I am hoping that there will be a chance to stop for some lunch along the way.




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