USA Tour 2015 Day 8 – Performances, High Line, Birdland, Time Square and Top of the Rock

Day 8 – Friday 10th April 2015

Today was my first full day in New York City, and I loved everything that we did on tour today, it has been nothing short of amazing! The city just blows me away with its unending energy, it’s always on the move and really does never sleep!

I did have a shabby start to the day due to the pizza I ate last night, it didn’t agree with my stomach which resulted in me sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time.

I managed to get across to the breakfast cafe, most of the options looked quite heavy and greasy…I really wasn’t interested in anything like this so I opted for the oatmeal which came with a selection of toppings, I chose the cranberries, strawberries and apple. This was really nice, especially given the coldness of the morning outside.

After breakfast we boarded the buses to head out for the morning performance, this time at a high school in Jersey called Dwight Ellardson. The countryside was beautiful as we drove through parts of Jersey, the houses were also beautiful. We arrived at the school and proceeded to have a brief rehearsal before lunch in the cafeteria, I can now say that I have eaten lunch in an American High School cafeteria which is very cool.  The students then proceeded to perform a concert, both schools had ensembles in the concert with the running order being our strings, their orchestra, their stage band, our concert band and finally our choir. I am really impressed with the development of our students, they have all grown musically tremendously over this tour.

The afternoon activity saw the two groups get separated, the other half went to the Lincoln Centre whilst we went to the High Line. This is an interesting project of including green space throughout New York. It consists of a series of gardens being built on the elevated old meatpackers train line. Running for about 3 miles into Chelsea it gives a unique view of the city. I managed to get partly through it before heading off with a colleague of mine to Birdland, a world famous Jazz club on 42nd street.

Our time at Birdland was brilliant, a friend from university days was performing as a member of the island Big Band. Being amongst so much history and in a fine venue surrounded by great musicians was so inspiring and uplifting. I couldn’t help but think how I wish Melissa could be with me experiencing all of these great things.

When the show had ended we headed up into Time Square (a few blocks away) for dinner. Having ticked off the eating New York Pizza Pie yesterday I decided it was time to try a Chilli Dog from a street car. It was delicious, I’m just hoping that I don’t pay a heavy price for it tomorrow!

The final stop for the evening was the Rockefeller Plaza, particularly the observation deck “Top of the Rock” to get views of the city. The views were stunning from on top of the 44th floor, we got great views of the Empire State building.

Tomorrow is going to be another full day, I am hoping to start it off well with an early morning run through Central Park…let’s see how that turns out!

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