USA Tour Day 11 – Disneyland and Baseball

Day Eleven – Monday 13th April 2015.

It’s 12:30am as I begin to write this post and boy oh boy has it been a big day!

Today was our first of two days at Disney. There’s actually two parks here in LA, on is called Disney Land, the other, Disney California Adventure. I spent most of today in the California Adventure Park as we were told it had better rides. I made the decision to go around the park by myself rather than with others, they’d slow me down and then I’d have to negotiate what I wanted to do. My philosophy is to try and get around as quick as possible, see as much as possible and go on as many rides as possible.

It was very exciting to be at Disneyland, words can’t really describe it, the wonder, the awe of the place. The parks are separated into areas / zones, with rides and attraction reflecting these themes. I walked through Buena Vista Street and Pacific Ward to an area known as Paradise Pier. I wanted to start here because it has what are considered to some of the scariest rides. My first was the roller coaster, California Screamin’. The line wasn’t too long so I managed to get through it quite fast (yay). Whilst nearby I got myself a fast track pass which allows me to ride on the ride without having to lineup for a specific windowed amount of time. I had some time before the window so headed off to the next ride on the list, “Toy Story Midway Mania”. Unfortunately the line for this one was way too long so I headed off for the Sliding Fun Wheel, a ferris wheel whose carriages actually slip and slide around. I was about half way through the line when the ride started doing funny things and not working properly, looking at my watch I saw the fast track time had begun so I left it and headed back to the Roller Coaster. After this was done I skipped the other two rides mentioned above and went straight to the Silly Symphony Swings.

You would have seen things similar to the swings at the Royal Show. Its basically a big carrousel, rather than have animals you sit on there are swings that you sit on. As the the ride gets faster the swings go higher from the ground, to change the height you go at the main axel moves up and down. I got off the ride feeling a little dizzy, it’s funny, for someone who doesn’t do great with heights I went ok on these rides 🙂

My next two rides were Goofy’s Flying School and the Golden Zephyr. The Flying School is just the same as the Wild Mouse from the Royal Show. It was ok, no where near as fast or thrilling than the roller coaster though. The good thing I discovered at this ride was the single rider service – as I was by myself I could skip a lot of the queues and just be added to fill places – very cool and saved me lots of time. The Golden Zephyr is similar to the swings but you’re in an open space ship shaped carriage.

After finishing this I had completed everything I wanted to do on Paradise Pier so headed to the next area, Grizzly Peak. There were only two atractions to complete at Grizzly Peak, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and the Grizzly River Run. The Challenge looked pretty tame when I was there so I skipped it and headed straight for the River Run, this was awesome, I got so wet. It’s basically a giant rubber tire with 8 seats in it. You go through a maze of river canals, up ramps and down waterfalls. I really enjoyed this one.

My next stop was to be Condor Flats but this was closed so I turned around and headed back out and around towards Cars Land. To get to Cars Land I went through Pacific Wharf, basically a setup food hall.

Cars Land is very cool, it’s the full recreation of Radiator Springs, the town the movie Cars is set in. They have a complete Flo’s Diner as a part of it. The main attraction of Cars Land is “Radiator Springs Racers”. I managed to skip most of the line using the Single Rider line and got on this fast racer ride. It starts off with you going for a leisurely drive through tunnels, meeting a number of the characters from Cars and preparing for the race. After this you race against another car. All very cool. Oh and by the way, my car won.

There weren’t any other rides open there so I headed through “a bugs land” and into Hollywood Land. There was a ride there I wanted to go on, The Twilight Zone Tunnel of Terror. It doesn’t have a single rider line so I was going to have to lineup. I was told the line was only 40 minutes long, not too bad so I thought I could do it, it turned out to be over 2 hours before I got on the ride. It’s basically one of those big drop rides… it was pretty thrilling!!!

After having completed this I headed through Hollywood land, past Monsters University and back out to Buena Vista Street. My next stop was going to be Disneyland.

I knew that I wasn’t going to get too much time in Disneyland due to the wasted two hours (so not impressed). I headed straight to Tomorrowland, the first ride I went on was Star Tours. Star Tours is a 3D adventure movie / flight simulator it was awesome fun. I then went by Space Mountain, another Roller Coaster, but the line was too long for the amount of time I had left so I went on to Autopia, a car ride. It said that the time would be a 20 minute wait, it was longer than that…long enough that I had to leave the queue to make to back in time for the rendezvous time of 3:45pm.

We rushed back to the hotel, got changed quickly and then got on the buses to go out to Dodger Field for the Dodgers Baseball game against the Seatle Mariners. The drive to the ground took about an hour and a half, we got to experience the famous LA highway system, this intricate interweaving mass of concrete is quite astounding, it blows me away how people manage to navigate themselves around it. Having said that though, the layout of LA has a very homely feel to it, there’s lots of similarities to Perth such as the climate and a lot of flora…it’s more that everything is just on a bigger scale here.

I’m not a baseball fan, but the atmosphere at a live game is pretty cool. I got into the spirit with the food by having a Dodger Dog, a pretzel and some Nachos, the Nachos were gross and I couldn’t finish them. We had to get up and dace to music, sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and many other interesting and engaging activities. This is definitely something I’d recommend to anyone coming to the USA.

The game itself was a beauty all being tied up after the 9 innings so it went to a 10th. The Dodgers won it in the bottom of the 10th innings which made it even more exciting.

I had a little snooze on the way home but am now going to head off to bed…it’s late and we’ve got a slightly earlier start tomorrow.

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