USA Tour Day 2015 Day 4 – Morning Run, Shopping, Museum and the House of Blues

Day Four Monday 6th April 2015

Today was an awesome day, very full (again), but I think it’s better that way as it means the boys are kept busy and on their toes throughout the entire day. We were able to have a sleep in / late breakfast but I managed to get up at 6:40 to go for a run. I had intended to just run for about an hour but it was such a lovely morning and the temperature was perfect for running that it almost ended up being a two hour run instead. I headed out from the hotel and joined up at the river where I ran down to the lake. I then headed north along the lake for probably about 15km, I went past the Museum of History, Soldier Field (football stadium) and kept going until I got up somewhere near the University of Chicago campus. I turned around at this point and headed back, I think my legs will be pretty stiff tomorrow morning as they’ve already started to seize up a little. I thoroughly enjoyed the run, the sun was already up but the sky had tinges of orange throughout it and whenever there was a break in the clouds there were shards of light coming through in perfect beams into the water – it looked stunning. As I said earlier, I saw some squirrels and a rabbit whilst out for the run which was cool. My only regret is I didn’t take my camera to be able to get some pictures of the stunning scenery.

After breakfast the students had a couple of hours of shopping planned on the Magnificent Mile (the expensive retail strip). I didn’t end up buying anything, instead I got a chance to go through Macys and some other shops before settling for a cup of coffee with my fellow staff members – all rather pleasant. On our way to the coffee shop we managed to get a look at some very nice cars including a white lamborgini and a shelby cobra – both beautiful cars.

The afternoon saw us visit the Chicago Field Museum of History. This was totally awesome, we had about two and a half hours in there and the time flew so fast. I got to see a T-REX SKELETON!!!! It was such a geek-out for me, there was a huge section of dinosaur skeletons and bones, totally awesome and something I have always wanted to see since I was a little boy. They had a stegosaurus, apatosaurus, triceratops and parasauropholus to name just a few. There was also a section devoted to Native American History, this was also really cool (but not as cool as the dinosaurs). Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get through everything in thorough detail, I rushed through the Ancient Egypt section and didn’t even get to look in the animals and plants of the world exhibits.

The day temperature wise had been really pleasant, but when we came out of the museum the temperature had dropped significantly (from 14 down to about 5 degrees). On our way back to the hotel we got to stop at the aquarium to take some pictures looking back to the city, I got some nice ones of the skyline…I am so sorry I haven’t put up any pictures yet – will try to later today to get that done for you.

This evening we headed out to The House of Blues for a meal. It was a simple make your own cheeseburger arrangement but it was alright in general. There was a live blues band who started to play towards the end of the time we were there…they were ok but not brilliant either. We walked back to the hotel and the temperature has definitely dropped again, it wouldn’t surprise me if the temperature got down towards the zero mark.

Tomorrow is an early start to a long day in transit. We fly out to Washington in the morning, however, there are performances planned during the day as well as a tour of the city by night. We don’t check in to the hotel until 10:00pm tomorrow which will make for a very long day. Oh well, we have no control over that so we’ll just roll with it I guess.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Chicago, there’s so much that we haven’t had time to do, it’s definitely a place that would be awesome to come back to one day.

Bring on DC!

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