What Do We Do When We Fail?

Day 38 – Thursday 8th March 2012.

THis week has been probably the most difficult week of the Fitness Training 2012 I have had experienced so far. After weeks of feeling like I could just do it all really easily I have found that I have hit a wall with regards to everything from training to writing my posts to overall energy. Ok, the posts writing has just been because I have found it really difficult to just get a moment to do it between teaching, study and spending time with Melis but the other factors have been just a lack of being motivated.

I ended up having the whole long weekend off training and I feel that this really might have had something to do with it due to a loss of momentum. That all being said, I have tried to get back into good routine but have just found it difficult.

The last few days I have been reminded of line from the latest Batman movies,

What do we do when we fail?

We pick ourselves back up again.

This is really what I am trying to do this week, failure itself does not dictate how successful I am going to be, in fact as motivational speaker and leader John Maxwell would say, the one common trait all successful leaders have is that they have failed continuously, it is however a matter of how you deal with that failure and pick yourself back up.

Todays session was an ok one, I have found myself feeling tired a lot recently. I got to the gym just after 6:00am and was on the treadmill for my 20 minute run by 6:10. The run went well, my nose being blocked made it hard to breath but I did manage my usual start to the session with running at speeds of 7.5, 10, 12.5 and finally 10km/h in 5 minute intervals. The distance covered by the end was the usual 3.33km.

I moved onto the bike for my ride, whilst I would have loved to have ridden for 15 minutes I did only manage 10minutes and covered 5.32km in this time. A little disappointing and definitely a lot more work will be needed to get things rolling again properly.

I will endeavour to get back into my daily posts…I jst have to make the time ensure it gets done I guess!

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